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Primal2logo by GloomyFenris

This post is meant to inform about the efforts that have been made to promote Primal, hoping this will increase the possibility of a sequel.

These are the ones I’ve found while googling. I you have knowledge of another -and it doesn’t necessarily has to be a petition- let me know or reblog this and add it in your comment.

Sony: Make a sequel to the PS2 game Primal Currently 8 signatures

Remake or Continue Primal Currently 112 signatures

An important remark:

Jenscree by GloomyFenris

Keep in mind this is an effort to bring back a decade-old, unbeknown and single game, it’s not easy and is not just a matter of sharing it. But every time you speak, post, share, reblog about it, you are helping make Primal noticed. The first step is to bring much more attention toward the game and revitalize the inactive fanbase. For example, how many people know they can buy the game in US PSN Store?


Abaddonoffer by GloomyFenris

If I may make a suggestion to those interested in signing the petitions. When signing, please tell in the comment what your preference is: if you want a sequel or a remake. And take your time, if you need, to think and choose one, so it is clear what is being requested by the majority.

Spreading the word among friends and acquaintances is always the most useful method, not only in your social networks, if you have any friends who also like Primal, talk to them about this so the may sign too.

My opinion:

Shamanhrmm by GloomyFenris

I’ve already expressed my own concerns regarding these petitions so I won’t overextend myself on that but I’d like to share it, if you wish you can read my personal opinion here.


Arellaabd by GloomyFenris

Google: I can tell you from my searches that these petitions have very little presence on Google, the remake or continue one was relatively easy to find up to about a year ago. It has dissapeared from the results ever since. And the sequel one is still listed under specific key words but not on the first pages.

Note: if you type “primal ps2 petition” you will find both on top results but most people who could potentially sign probably won’t think on looking for a petition, they’ll probably learn about them by suggestions or reading shared posts.

From my point of view these petitions are useful because it’s a way to measure how many people want this so, in addition to insufficient signatures, we also have insufficient petitions. The more, the better, the bigger hype will be. At this point I don’t know if this is because of the lack of exposure or if the majority of Primal fans aren’t really interested in a sequel. That is something I need to know before doing anything else.

Jared by GloomyFenris


- Primal game tag: is mostly updated with Primal Carnage, Primal Rage, ocasionally Primal, and sport activities related to the called primal diet. In that order.

- Primal PS2 tag: ocasionally updated and mostly with Primal content.

- Primal Sony tag: like primal ps2, it’s hardly ever updated. Mostly Primal content.

- Primal 2 tag: I use this one to sort content in my blog, other than that, it appears to be empty.

I mostly use the last three for the reasons I mentioned on each of them.

Facebook: A few groups and pages in different languages, a couple of them are relatively active.

Twitter: I don’t use this one much, but in my last check there was nothing except for a walkthrough video of PlayScope. Which I’ve shared here.

Is there any chance?

I can only tell you what I think, and what I think is that it is possible. Who knows, Sony may be doing something right now without broadcasting it, even if they don’t, it could happen anytime. There’s nothing for us to think it’s impossible until Sony says they will never make a sequel of this game. And I hope I didn’t jinx it by saying that X)

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Yes another Primal fan. We're not all gone yet Kermityayhide 

Thanks for the llama. Have one yourself :)
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Thanks for the Llama, have one back :D
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Thanks for teh llama :3
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worldhearts Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
arigatou for your fav:)
GuinevereToGwen Mar 24, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks for the fav! :)
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