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Gonna Go On Adventures by GloomyFenris
Gonna Go On Adventures
This is an unreferenced landscape I did to see if I made any progress after working  for a while on the previous picture I posted. It depicts the beginning of these characters' journey to find dragons. They're heading down into that forest following folk tales about an old dragon that once took shelter in there.
Progress checkpoints by GloomyFenris
Progress checkpoints
This is something I felt I needed to do because I've been very burnout lately, I had the impression I wasn't making any substantial progress. This is a sort of sandbox painting I have and I feel like I been working on it forever but then I looked at the file's properties and saw I created it in May, I thought it had to be 5 months minimum since I first began, I think I have an older version of this in a different file but I'm so burned I don't even remember if I actually made it.

The first two were more trial and error, in the first one I was just trying to put everything into place, minding the perspective and trying to find a method to apply it. In the second I started from scratch, was mostly testing colors and brush textures, and continuing to work on the perspective but minding more the pose and proportions of the woman, didn't go too far before starting the third one, from scratch again.
On the last one it was a lot easier to get the perspective and notice the mistakes, a lot of focus on the woman, also did some work on the environment but I didn't like it so I painted over it to correct the perspective, the trees are going to be a pain in the ass unless I take it easy with the details, that was the last thing I pointed out to myself :D I'm taking a break from this but it has helped me a lot, now I can definitely do better landscaping without reference than when I did this one: earlier this year, and I hope my next pic will prove it.

There's weeks apart between these pictures with an hour/hour and a half of work on each session, which basically consist in drawing the basic outlines I have on my mind, then staring at them for 10 minutes, then some procastination with more staring between lol I worked like that for about a week on each before stopping to do other stuff. On each I focused on the things I saw as failures of the previous one, the months are there as reference but I can't tell exactly at what point I started each painting, other than within these months.

All done in one layer with the pastel brush.
Referenced from public domain photo.  
2015 Sketchbook by GloomyFenris
2015 Sketchbook
A selection of rough sketches I been doing during the first half of this year, plus that old one from last year I wanted to put there for some reason.
Rounding up; I been doing some character design, landscaping, and that thing on the middle is a map I did to locate the places of a story that was the focus of my drawings at the time.

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